Cyber ShockWave Shows U.S. Unprepared For Cyber Threats

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Cyber ShockWave Shows U.S. Unprepared For Cyber Threats


The Bipartisan Policy Center responds to "Cyber Shockwave," a simulated cyber attack. Cyber Shockwave is a simulated exercise that was publicized on CBS. Shockwave focuses on defending the United States against cyber-terrorism.

This particular article shows how the "war game" demonstrated how unprepared the United States is for cyber attacks. After the game, a panel discussed what happened and agreed that cyber-terrorism is a national security issue. It also showed how many challenges the government has overcome when dealing with cyber attacks.

CyberShockwave did not give the government and military concrete policy ideas or have a large impact on cybersecurity preparedness. However, the simulation and article echoes the nation's leaders who believe cyber threats are dangerous and need to be defended. People around the world can gain a sense how the United States prepares for cybersecurity, whether war games are effective or not.

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