'Cyber Storm' Tests U.S. Web Defenses

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'Cyber Storm' Tests U.S. Web Defenses


CBS wrote an article about Cyber Storm, a simulated cyberwar game conducted by the Department of Homeland Security. The main headline of the article is, "Gov't Concludes Wargame To See How It Would Respond To Internet Attacks."

The White House National Security Council, Justice Department, Defense Department, etc. simulated mock attacks to is cause significant internet and infrastructure damage. While there was no real impact during the exercise, the simulated attacks were done on isolated computers. Cyber Storm questioned whether the government could detect early stages of cyber attacks, but no information was given on the results of this first Cyber Storm exercise.

The CBS article assumed that the exercise was helpful, but military, security and government personnel generally agree that the United States is not prepared for cyber attacks.

Cyber Storm resources are in the Concerned Citizen and Journalism Directories.

The Cyberwar Gaming Collection provides more information about simulated cyber exercises.


Stephen W. Smith
(no biography available)



February 10, 2006




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