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Gina Bacon created this resources guide as her Master's degree project in the Department of Communication at the University of Utah.

The U.S. government, military and new media frequently claim that “cyberwar” is a threat to national security. However, while working on the Cyberwar Discourse Monitoring Project, Gina found that cybersecurity-related terms and issues are not well-understood in American society. Basic terms have not been clearly defined which makes it difficult to evaluate cyber issues. Further, locating important documents and statements about cyberwar is a challenge because they are spread across the Internet. Hopefully this website will provide clearer definitions and be an easy access point to find significant cyber resources in one location.

Gina would like to acknowledge and thank her committee chair, Dr. Sean Lawson, committee members, Dr. Robert Gehl, and Dr. Connie Bullis , as well as Pete Rugh for all of their help and support.