Project CyW-D is dedicated to monitoring and documenting the shifting public policy discourses associated with “cyberwar” in the United States. As part of this research, this Cyberwar Resources Guide is a website dedicated to making multiple resources about cyber issues easily accessible.

This site provides a variety of information regarding cyberwar so that anyone online can learn more about what cyberwar is, how the term is being used, how current and pending laws may affect internet freedoms and privacy, and what the military and government are doing to defend the United States against cyber attacks. Essentially, this resources guide is for a tool for concerned citizens, educators, journalists, and policymakers to bring themselves up to speed on important cyber issues.

These are directories that highlight specific items or collections, depending on who would like to learn more about cyber issues.

  • Concerned citizen This is a directory for any person interested in learning more about cyberwar. Familiar or unfamiliar with the term “cyberwar,” this directory provides links to background information, speeches from leading cyberwar voices, different viewpoints about cyberwar and a section about cyberwar gaming. The various documents give an overview of cyberwar issues and actions the American government/military are taking to protect domestic infrastructure and government networks from the perceived threat of cyber attack.

  • Education This directory is intended for educators who are interested in teaching a class about cyber issues. Each item or collection can be used for multiple pedagogical purposes. However, suggestions for how to incorporate service learning/activities into curriculum are included, as well as assignment ideas based on the items on the website. Cyber issues can be taught to all ages, but the suggestions are focused toward high school and higher education courses.

  • Journalism This directory is for journalists interested in learning more about cyberwar, and who may also want to use the sources provided as quotes or background research. Rather than pointing to specific items, this directory mainly highlights different collections. Seymour Hersh’s article about cyberwar can be used for background information while the Industry Reports, Cyberwar Gaming and Laws collections may be used for article content. Each collection describes how a journalist might find its contents useful.

  • Policy-makers This is a directory for policy-makers who are interested in learning more about cyber issues. Most of the documents provide different definitions of cyberwar, as well as how the United States (private and public sectors) should secure itself against cyber threats. Reading each of the items included in this directory will provide a well rounded view of how various people and groups plan to act upon varying degrees of cyber threats.

There are also two main areas of content on this site.

  • Items The items section is a comprehensive list of all the documents, speeches, reports, bills, books and other sources available on the website.

  • Collections The collections section organizes the items into 12 different categories (e.g. Speeches, Alternative viewpoints, Pending Law)