Internet Crime Complaint Center

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Internet Crime Complaint Center


The Internet Crime Complaint Center's (ICS3's) mission is to receive, develop and report cyber criminal complaints to law enforcement. It provides a space online for any internet user to report a crime without filling out paperwork or taking an extended period of time. Federal, state, local and international law agencies use the IC3 as a convenient and efficient way to track and resolve Internet crimes.

Much of cyberwar discussion is based on hypothetical threats that may damage critical infrastructure, but many citizens are victims of identity theft, theft of property, etc. The Internet Crime Complaint Center is a place where real problems can be resolved and understood. Reporting internet crimes is important to hinder threats, help understand them and diminish future attacks from happening.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center is used in the Get Involved Collection.

Anyone can be a victim of internet or identity theft. The ICS3 is an excellent center to report minor or major issues.


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