Symantec Stuxnet Report: W32.Stuxnet Dossier

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Symantec Stuxnet Report: W32.Stuxnet Dossier


Stuxnet has been called one of the most complex and dangerous cyber threats the world has seen. It was primarliy written to target control systems and then reprogram them. The worm's most publicized attack affected an Iranian nuclear plant, but did not cause permanent or severe damage. 

This document explains the nature of the worm, gives a timeline of its effects and provides a lot of quantitative data regarding its geographic reach, rate of infection, etc. Much of this report goes into technical detail about the Stuxnet worm and uses computer jargon.

For people who do not know much about internet hacking/worms/etc., the first few pages will probably provide the most comprehensible and interesting information. Educators of computer science may find the Symantec Stuxnet Report very beneficial for understanding worms.



October 2010




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