William Lynn interviewed by Charlie Rose

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William Lynn interviewed by Charlie Rose


Charlie Rose asks Lynn a series of questions which focus around threats, vulnerabilities and security. Lynn discusses that there is a huge threat that the military and government should be protected from. To start the interview, Rose asks Lynn what happened in 2008. A thumb drive infected with malware entered into classified networks. Lynn assumes that someone in the Middle East transferred it and claims that they (being the government/military) did not know their classified networks could be compromised.

Rose also asked if we are being attacked every day. Rather than saying, "yes," Lynn notes that an "attack" is undetermined. But, attempts at intrusions in the government and private sector are attempted tens of thousands times a day. After briefly talking about intellectual capital, defense strategy and cloud computing, the interview moves on to asking Lynn about Afghanistan.



October 18, 2010



William J. Lynn III


Charlie Rose

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