Understanding Cyber Security Threats

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Jeff Moss talks about cybersecurity through a hacker's perspective even though he is officially a "security professional." While nations might want secrets or criminals want money, hackers want knowledge. Moss points out that hackers and researchers search for knowledge, search for insecurities in networks, etc. Cyber criminals, terrorists, national spies, etc. use the internet for specific purposes, but always need the network to accomplish their goals.

Moss makes a unique point: everyone is afraid of cybercriminals, nation-states, terrorists, etc. Yet, none of these groups are going to try and destroy the networks they depend on to conduct cyber attacks. Moss asks, "[W]hat happens if a group comes along that doesn't need the network to be up?" It is a potential possibility. Moss also notes that nothing people use is secure (email, phones, etc.). But, technologies exist that can defend against attacks; we just have to engage in them.

Moss' speech offers a unique perspective because he is a hacker. He may have similar or even more knowledge than "enemy" hackers. He also provides a lot of information about how common parts of the internet (like Amazon) are used for security and hacking purposes. Moss is credible and comprehensible for non-hackers to understand where he is coming from.

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October 28, 2010


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