Security Threat Report: Midyear 2010

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Security Threat Report: Midyear 2010


Sophos writes that cybercrime keeps evolving and that these rapid (and potentially dangerous) crimes need to be tracked. Sophos includes various cybercrimes, potential cyberwar/terror, and other risks during their threat report for the midyear of 2010.

Some cyber arrests and sentences are included in the report as well as governments involved in cyberwar last year. Yet, no government has actually been involved in cyberwar (that causes physical damage). Sophos' government claim is exaggerated. The report acknowledges that no physical damage has resulted from cyber attacks, but overall, the report theme is that cyberwar and attacks are dangerous threats. Sophos does not offer recommendations to deter threats; it explains real-world examples of them. The Alternative Viewpoints Collection offers a more skeptical and realistic view about past cyber attacks and future threats.







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