Securing the future of liberty

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Securing the future of liberty


Janet Napolitano addresses the urgency of cyber threats and desire for the Department of Homeland Security to build an effective team to secure the nation from potential threats. Her message emphasizes the importance of teamwork in the cyber world. In particular, teamwork with the Department of Defense and National Security Agency. Echoing people like Michael Hayden, Napolitano says that cyber is now its own war domain. In order to secure the cyber domain, private sector partnerships are imperative.

The need for private sector partnerships is a common belief held among the nation's leaders. In order for the United States to be more secure, the government must partner with citizens and computer technicians from the private sector who would not normally have government clearance.

The DHS created the National Cyber Security Awareness campaign and month (which can be found in the

Get Involved section of the website.) Public awareness is also key to securing the nation. Napolitano is confident that the government's partnerships and responses to cyber threats are effective and secure. 

Napolitano believes that the cyber threat is real and evolving rapidly. Like many accounts of cyberwar, she does not give evidence to support these claims. However, Napolitano explains that the government is doing a good job of working toward diminishing potential dangerous cyber attacks. 


October 28, 2010



Colorado Springs, CO

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