Michael Hayden at Black Hat 2010

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Michael Hayden at Black Hat 2010


Michael Hayden (former Director of the National Security Agency, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency) starts his speech by ambiguously answering the question, "What is cyberwar?" Hayden responds to his question in secret, addressing that he cannot give case studies of cyberwar because they are classified. Hayden makes several claims without examples. He notes that there is significant evidence that proves cyberwar exists, but the general cannot know about it. 

Hayden also states that cyber is a domain of warfare, but always affects the other four (i.e. land, sea, air, space). Also, cyber defense, exploitation and attack are identical technologically and operationally. Hayden provides a military perspective of cyber issues and believes conversations and debates need to happen for two reasons: 1) to address how citizens should think about cyber and 2) to discuss how the United States population can defend itself against cyberwar.

Hayden was a speaker at the 2010 Black Hat conference. Jeff Moss established the conference and provides a hacker's perspective about threats of cyberwar here



July 28, 2010



Michael Hayden

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Black Hat 2010


Las Vegas, NV

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