Protecting the Digital Economy

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Protecting the Digital Economy


The EastWest Institute hosted the first Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit which brought together leaders of governments, businesses and civil society from around the world to determine new measures to ensure the security of the world’s digital infrastructure. Most of the documents included on this website are from United States personnel. The report compiled from this summit provides a look at how people from across the globe view cyber issues. The cybersecurity initiative, stated at the beginning of the document, immediately states its position about cyberwar: it is dangerous, could destroy infrastructure and all communication among nation-state citizens, and cause a "nightmare" scenario.

The document includes the summit's speakers, its agenda and goals, as well as media articles which feature cyber issues. There is plan to have a second summit in June of 2011, so the Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit will probably be an ongoing event. It will be interesting to see how the documents change in content. Perhaps "cyberwar" may continue to be a leading global concern, or if cyber attacks do not escalate, maybe "cyberwar" might fade into the past. However, based on "Protecting the Digital Economy" and cyber hype right now, worldwide conferences are only going to increase.

Protecting the Digital Economy is in the Policymaker Directory because it offers a variety of world views on cyberwar.


May 3-5, 2010


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