Responding to the Financial Cybercrime Epidemic

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Responding to the Financial Cybercrime Epidemic


Sage Data Security and hosted the Cybercrime 2010 Symposium. This document includes conference insights. The Symposium brought together law enforcement, financial services providers, journalists, technologists, researchers, and cybercrime victims for two days of focused discussion on the global cybercrime epidemic.

The Symposium's goal was to discuss a "cybercrime epidemic" which assumes that there is some sort of global crisis. While attendees heard victim's testimonies, they are not included in this document. Attendees also participated in a cyberwar game. They saw a malware infection attacking a bank and its corporate customer. Attendees could test reactions, actions and solutions in order to resolve the attack.

The conference document includes insights, takeaways and recommendations. However, very little evidence was given to help support the claim that there even is a cybercrime epidemic. Sage Data Security partnered with to create the conference. Their focus was on corporate account takeover and ways organizations should work together to combat the cybercrime threat. One might wonder if their goal was to get the attendees to buy their services. But, most of the recommendations listed in the conference document call for public awareness and education.  

More information about the cyberwar games can be found in the Cyberwar Gaming Collection.


November 4-5, 2010




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