Cyberwar: Point. Click. Destroy

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Cyberwar: Point. Click. Destroy


Main Argument: This book is meant for grades 5-9. Menhard raises several questions raised by new technologies. He includes filtering, copyright, privacy, etc. as major concerns throughout the text. He offers well-researched information, but no conclusions. The goal is to allow young people to develop their own opinions.

Style: Textbook 

Sourcing: Educational

Structure: Background, chapter notes, glossary, reading list, internet addresses, index

Context in discussion: Not many reports aim their content at young people, with the exception of Own Your Space by Microsoft. As cyber education develops, more cyber textbooks are sure to be created.

Context in website: Own Your Space by Microsoft aim sits audience to pre-teen and teenagers. The Education Directory may have other useful resources to use in a classroom setting.


Francha Roffe Menhar 


Published author of young adult books




Francha Roffe Menhar Credentials: Published author of young adult books, "Cyberwar: Point. Click. Destroy," in Cyberwar Resources Guide, Item #38, (accessed October 23, 2021).