Cybersecurity Education Enhancement Act of 2011

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Cybersecurity Education Enhancement Act of 2011


Introduced on January 5, 2011, this bill gives the Secretary of Homeland Security (acting through the Assistant Secretary of Cybersecurity) the requirement to begin a program which provides grants to higher education or other forms of cybersecurity development programs. The DHS would also partner with the National Science Foundation, whose director would actually run the program.

Many leaders in cybersecurity recongize that there is a need for more qualified cybersecurity experts. This bill offers colleges and universities a chance to create research programs and actual degrees dedicated to cybersecurity. Creating degrees solely focused on cybersecurity is a big step in trying to recruit more people to defend against "cyberwar."For a more detailed summary, go here

Documents in the Policy Collection emphasize the need for more education. If passed, this bill will implement an essential policy for United States' cybersecurity.


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