"We Were Warned" Cyber.Shockwave

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"We Were Warned" Cyber.Shockwave


"We were warned: Cyber Shockwave" is a simulated cyber attack war game publicized on CNN in 2010. Various government and military leaders role played different roles (e.g. President of the United States, Secretary of Defense, etc.). The goal of the game was to see how prepared the United States is to defend its infrastructure against cyber attacks. 

Most cyberwar simulated games are not available to the public due to its classified nature. Cyber Shockwave is the only cyberwar game open for viewing. After the game ended, many reporters and officials realized that the United States is not prepared for cyberwar attacks. 

An article in the Cyberwar Gaming Collection, describes Shockwave and its effects.


February 20-21, 2010


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