Threat of 'cyberwar' has been hugely hyped

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Threat of 'cyberwar' has been hugely hyped


Security expert, Bruce Schneier writes an article published on CNN's website which explains why he believes 'cyberwar' is not as huge of a threat as some officials describe it.

Schneier is the leading voice of cyberwar skepticism. He lists many different kinds of cyber attacks, but raises the point that none of them are actually "war." He provides the following example: "A real-world comparison might be if an army invaded a country, then got in line in front of people at the DMV so they couldn't renew their licenses. If that's what ware looks like in the 21st century, we have little to fear. Cyberwar is rhetorical, like the war on terror."

Schneier believes that the United States should improve its cybersecurity. Yet, he is very aware of how certain terms affect policy decisions, public knowledge and security choices. He believes that if the public believes that cyber issues are issues of "war," then citizens only feed their fears. Though the United States should defend itself against cyber attacks, the country is not in a cyberwar now. 

Since Schneier is respected among the security community and has a prominent voice in the cyberwar/security world, his article would be beneficial to read in order to get a comprehensive view of how cyberwar is being conceived. It can be found in every directory.




July 7, 2010



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