Cyberwar or not cyberwar? And why that is the question

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Cyberwar or not cyberwar? And why that is the question


Amit Yoran recognizes that cyber attacks are used as tools for warfare, but that using the term "cyberwar" offers a sensationalist approach to the issue. He writes that "[t]he use of cyberwar evokes strong emotional reaction and can incite action on cybersecurity topics." Yoran suggests that more awareness needs to be spread on this issue because of the implications equating cybersecurity with cyberwar may have on the military and intelligence communities.

While some government security officials like Howard Schmidt (White House Cyber-Security Coordinator) think that using the term "cyberwar" is an exaggeration, others like Mike McConnell (former NSA director and director of National Intelligence) claim that we are in a cyberwar right now. Yoran criticizes the term "cyberwar" but does not deny that cyber attacks are happening.

Rather than debating whether we are in a cyberwar or not, Yoran believes that cybersecurity is an international economic issue rather than just a national defense issue. Instead of being caught up in terms, nation-states should act as if cybersecurity results in more than war. Yoran's article is in every directory, but can also be compared to Bruce Schneier's criticisms of the term "cyberwar."




March 25 , 2010



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