The Cyber War Has Not Begun

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The Cyber War Has Not Begun


Lewis recognizes that cyber security should be expanded, but assesses the difference between various cyber attacks and cyberwar itself. Lewis explains why he does not believe the United States is in a cyberwar throughout the report.

According to Lewis, cyberwar would involve another nation attacking ours for political ends. Since this hasn't happened yet, he does not believe we are currently in a "cyber war." Attacks that occur frequently like cyber espionage are not acts of war. However, Lewis does believe that engaging in a cyberwar is a possible in the future.

This report focuses on the discourse of cyberwar and how that term exaggerates what the United States is experiencing now. It is a beneficial article to read because Lewis diminishes hype while still addressing that cyber attacks do and can result consequences. Lewis' views about cyberwar are parallel to Schneier and Yoran.



March 12 , 2010



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