Remarks on Internet Freedom

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Remarks on Internet Freedom


Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, gives a broad speech about internet freedom and how the world is becoming more connected through the internet. Internet freedoms have been taken away in other countries (e.g. China), but Clinton emphasizes that protecting internet freedoms is important. Also, technologies must adhere to values the United States' is founded upon (e.g. freedom of expression). At the same time, Clinton states that there should be limits to the "open" internet. Sites that induce violence or are used by terrorists groups like Al Queda should not be tolerated. 

As Clinton states that "hundreds of millions" do not have access to the internet, she also gives examples about how more people in countries like Haiti are becoming more connected. She also claims that there are no "haves" and "have nots" in terms of connectivity through cell phones. However, many United States citizens do not have cell phones. 

As the Secretary of State and prominent public figure, Hillary Clinton helps shape public opinion. Implementing cybersecurity while maintaining a "free" internet is a prominent cyber debate. Clinton speaks for the United State's government and believes that censorship should not be tolerated at the expense of non-violent freedom. 

The Journalism Directory provides a link to the entire Speeches Collection. The collection includes nineteen eclectic speeches from various government and military leaders; each speech provides varying degrees of insight on the cyberwar threat and a cyberwar defense plan.

*Note: The first questioner is Dr. Robert Gehl (, an assistant professor at the University of Utah and a co-creater for Project CyW-d.



January 21, 2010



The Newseum, Washington D.C.

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